December 21

Coach Kanes 36 Big Ideas & 36 Big Questions for 2020


Today is my 36th year on planet earth, Every year around this time I do a little task I call...

Reflect & Project

I look back or reflect on the past 12 months and project what I want for the next 12 months.

If I’ve learnt one thing in the last 12 years is this…

“Success leaves clues”

So when I want to improve any area of my life, I ask myself…

“Who is an expert in this field?”

Then I model the behaviours that make them successful.

I know it’s sounds simple, but like most things in life the simple solution is usually the best.

Back in 2016 before we opened impact I wanted to learn about the best gyms in the world and visited Alwyn Cosgrove’s Results Fitness in California back then it was voted one of Americas best gyms by Men’s Health Magazine and the most profitable per square foot, so I guessed Alwyn, his wife Rachel and the team at results kinda know how to run a successful gym.

On of the biggest takeaways from Alywn was Idea’s = Money

If you wanted to help for people and make more money as a business you needed more idea’s.

idea's equal money

Another big lesson I learn’t from Alwyn and spending time in the U.S is that it’s Okay to make money…

Money isn’t bad, in many ways it measures the quality of the work you do and the value you give to other people.

The biggest influence for me this year has been James Clear of Atomic Habit’s fame, When I asked myself the question…

“why do some people struggle to change and others find it easy”

The answer came down to their **Behaviour and Habits**

Jame’s Book and his Habits Academy started me off on a 12 month journey into positive phycology, behaviour engineering and learning why we do what we do as humans.

Because ultimately as a coach if I can’t help you change your behaviours I can’t help you change.

Early on  James work reminded me of a quote from Anthony Robbins

“The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself”

- Anthony Robbins

So now I want to share with you 36 Big Ideas and 36 Big Questions I’ve taken from Alwyn ands James of the last 12 months and I’m reflecting on today.

36 Big Ideas:

1. Life instantly improves when you don’t blame other people and focus on what you can control.

2. Broad ideas influence more people. Specific ideas influence people more.

3. The more disciplined your environment is, the less disciplined you need to be. Don’t swim upstream.

4. Many people delay taking action because they hope to avoid suffering. They keep searching for a path that won’t involve tradeoffs. But some form of suffering is always inevitable. The process of taking action is the process of choosing your pain.

5. Before you begin, think as if you are a lazy person. Imagine the competition will work harder. Your only chance is a better strategy. After you begin, work as if you are a dumb person. Imagine the competition is smarter and more talented. Your only chance is to outwork them.

6. Every skill you have today was once unknown to you.

The human brain is a learning machine. Stick with it.

7. The best exercise for gaining strength is not missing workouts.

8. The secret to winning is learning how to lose. That is, learning to bounce back from failure and disappointment—undeterred—and continuing to steadily march toward your potential.

9. Your response to failure determines your capacity for success.

10. If you genuinely care about the goal, you’ll focus on the system.

11. Successes are revised mistakes.

12. Amazing social skills are a superpower.

13. The ability to deliver bad news in a good way is a superpower.

14. The ability to de-escalate a tense situation into a calm one is a superpower.

The ability to transform a lose/win situation into a win/win situation is a superpower.

15. The feeling of progress is one of the best feelings of all. This is true even when progress is small.

16. Many people work hard, but few people work on the highest and best thing.

Usually, it takes no more effort to work on high leverage tasks than it does to work on low leverage ones. It’s just a matter of directing your energy.

Not enough is said about the power of thinking about one topic for a long period of time.

If you revisit a topic continually for a few years, most problems (and many solutions) will occur to you at some point.

17. Expertise can be the gradual accumulation of many modest insights.

18. Writing/Thinking is the antidote to confusion.

19. When reading books or listening to podcasts or taking advice, remember that everyone is biased to their personal history.

20. The world is complex and there is no single path to a success. Look for patterns that are repeated across many successful people, not single stories.

21. Beginner = ignorant simplicity

Intermediate = functional complexity

Advanced = profound simplicity

22. You can borrow knowledge, but not action.

23. Successful outcomes are never the result of a single choice. They are built up through good choices over time.

– A profitable business is never a choice, it is a series of choices.

– A fit body is never a choice, it is a series of choices.

– A strong relationship is never a choice, it is a series of choices.

24. You’re probably right’ has become of my favourite phrases. Whenever someone disagrees with you on a small matter (read: most things), you can shrug, say ‘you’re probably right’ and move on. Not caring about winning trivial arguments saves so much time and energy.

25. Be “selectively ignorant.

– Ignore topics that drain your attention.

– Unfollow people that drain your energy.

– Abandon projects that drain your time.

Do not keep up with it all. The more selectively ignorant you become, the more broadly knowledgeable you can be.

26. Reading can teach you the best of what others already know.

27. Reflection can teach you the best of what only you can know.

28. The math of success…

Results = (Hard Work*Time)^Strategy

Working hard is important, but working on the right thing is more important. A great strategy can deliver exponential results. Of course, the best strategy is worth nothing if you never get to work.

Zero to the millionth power is still zero.

29. Be radically proactive about any behaviour that pays off in 10 years.

30. To simplify before you understand the details is ignorance. To simplify after you understand the details is genius.

31. A 5-step process for nearly anything:

1) Explore widely. Find out what is possible.

2) Test cheaply. Run small, quick experiments. Sample things.

3) Edit ruthlessly. Focus on the best. Cut everything else.

4) Repeat what works. Don’t quit on a good idea.

5) Return to 1.

32. I’d estimate at least half of my frustrations with others are actually frustrations with myself for failing to set clear boundaries and stand by them.

33. Read books that are relevant to what you want to achieve and reading will never seem boring.

34. The fastest way to improve is to learn from others.

- Read good books

- Talk to people who have done it

- Soak up the lessons of the past

- Learn from the experiments history has already run and you can start the race halfway finished.

34. Do the most important thing first each day and you’ll never have an unproductive day

35. Lack of confidence kills more dreams than lack of ability.

Talent matters – especially at elite levels – but people talk themselves out of giving their best effort long before talent becomes the limiting factor.

You’re capable of more than you know.

Don’t be your own bottleneck.

36. When talent is lacking, habit will often suffice.

37. Go smaller:

– Can’t learn an exercise? Reduce the range of motion.

– Struggling to grasp a new concept? Break it down.

– Failing to stick with a habit? Make it easy.

– Master stage one, then advance.

Ask Yourself…

What’s the one Big Idea that could have the greatest impact on me right now?

Grab a pen and paper and write it down.

36 Big Questions:

1. What part of this situation is under my control?

2. Who can I collaborate with to make this easier?

3. What are the important problems in your field? And if you’re not working on them, why not?

4. What am I reinforcing each day?

5. Where do I have healthy momentum right now? Where do I have unhealthy momentum?

6. Imagine the most important goal or project you are working on right now. Fast forward six months. Imagine the project has failed. Why did you fail?

7. Sometimes you have to pass through the fire. What fire or pain should you seek out in your life over the next year so you can learn its lessons?

8. Some questions to consider before you speak:

– Does this need to be said?

– Does this need to be said by me?

– Does this need to be said by me right now?

9. What would your closest friend tell you to do?

10. What is one repeating problem you can automate or eliminate today?

11. What is the little bit of extra work that has huge upside?

12. What is your personal compounding advantage in your career?

13. What am I holding on to that I need to let go of?

14. Am I being effective or just busy?

15. Which areas of my life are in maintenance mode? Which areas are in growth mode?

16. Imagine each day is only 12 hours long. What would you cut out?

17. Assume that more than one path exists to achieve your ideal life. What would some of the alternative routes look like?

18. What am I avoiding just because the desired outcome would take longer than I’d like?

19. Am I being good to myself?

20. What can you work on today that will continue working for you years from now?

21. What are you preventing yourself from feeling?

22. Which of my current habits serves me most? Which serves me least?

23. What is the biggest small thing I could do today?

24.  If someone could only see my actions and not hear my words, what would they say are my priorities?

25. What do you enjoy refining? (It’s the areas you can’t help yourself from editing and optimising where you have a long-term advantage.)

26. Am I doing this for Present Me or Future Me?

27. What is something that feels productive to you in the moment, but usually ends up wasting time and energy?

28. What does this make possible?

29. Who do I know that can help me with this?

30. Am I proud of what I am choosing to do?

31. Can you sit still, do nothing, and breathe deeply for the next two minutes?

32. What is one thing I am looking forward to today?

33. Who is your biggest fan? How can you thank them today?

34. How can I make the most of this?

35. Which projects give me energy? Which projects takes it away?

36. Which people give me energy? Which people take it away?

Ask Yourself…

What’s the one Big Question that could have the greatest impact on me right now?

Grab a pen and paper and write it down.

If you’ve got this fare thank you for reading, hopefully it’s got you thinking and given you some value.

Now I’d love to hear from you…

Have you any big idea’s or questions worth sharing?

Please comment below.