November 26

Confessions Of A Body Transformation Coach


The fitness industry doesn’t want you to know this about body transformation programs...

But I've just gotta get it off my chest.

If you’ve ever done one of these body transformation programs



Beach body

28 Day Body Blitz

6 Week Abs Challenge

12 Week Summer Shredz

You already know that body transformation programs don't work for most people right?

But if you are thinking about doing one of these programs chances are one day you looked in the mirror and didn’t like what you saw.

Being overweight or unfit has become normal and you don’t like how it makes you feel.

Then typically something happens that pushes you over the edge, an injury, a medical diagnosis, a brush with mortality, an employment change, or relationship change.

You decided enough is enough and said 

“I want to take control of my life”

And then just like that as if BookFace, Instagram, and Google can read your mind {they kinda can } an ad pops up on your news feed and maybe you think.

“This will fix everything”

Here’s the reality…

Unsustainable Behaviour Produce Unsustainable Results

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Here’s why…

The success of any training program comes down to the 4 areas of the success matrix below.

1. Results: This is what you get {lose weight, tone up, bigger muscles, fitness}

2. Speed: How quick you get those results

3. Sustainability: Can you keep the results

4. Environment: The people you train with

Success Matrix

After 20 years involved in coaching people, I now realise most people don’t want what the industry tries to sell them.

Like this B.S below

Now don’t get me wrong we like the sound of it, but most people don’t really want Rock Hard Abzzzz they just don’t want to be the fattest dad in the yard at the school drop-off.

  • Bigger Arms Now
  • Walk Off 8lbs Of Fat {The Trick}
  • Transform Your Body In One Hour A Week
  • Guilt-Free Fast Food
  • Crazy Hot Abs in 15 minutes
  • No Effort Orgasms (read cover)

What most people really want is to…

Be that guy.

The kinda man who has his S#%T together.

That guy…

- He looks good

- Hasn’t got back pain or a busted knee

- He feels confident at work, at home, and out with his mates

- And most importantly he’s got long-term sustainability habits that allow him to live a healthy, happy life.

I’ve A Confession To Make...

In the past, I’ve been part of the problem, I ran one of Dublin’s best know body transformation program The Amazing 12 Dublin

I’ve helped people totally transform their bodies, lose tonnes of weight and get in the best shape of their lives, you know the whole before overweight / unfit and after shredded look.

And for the right kinda person the program was truly amazing and gave them everything they wanted.

But what most trainers don’t talk about is what happens after the after pictures, the reality is most people put the weight back on, plus some and end up feeling worse than when they started.

People wanted the perfect diet, perfect workout, but never spent the time to work on themselves, to work on what was really holding them back, their mindset, and their environment. Or why they weren’t in shape in the first place.

With any training program there is a cost to the results you get.

  • Physical Cost
  • Time Cost
  • Financial Cost
  • Mental Cost
  • Emotional Cost

Here’s the thing...

...You can’t have it all

You can have any of the two but not three 

Speed + Results = Fast but Unsustainable

Results + Sustainability = Results but Slow

Speed + Sustainability = No Results

Results Triangle

Here’s the real deal, for most people transformations don’t work in the long run, they might work for a few weeks but then what?

Most people revert back to their old ways their old habits and the only thing that’ll do is produce your old results.

Information alone does not cause transformation. The only thing that will help you transform your body, your health, and your mindset is the implementation of healthy habits and lifestyles.

That’s my job.

Now I only coach people who are willing to look at their health holistically, people who are coachable, if you want a quick fix, cheap, cookie-cutter off self programs we are not the gym for you.

So, if you’ve looked at some of the people on this website, and said they are just like me and you want to change I’d love to speak to you.

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve felt the peace of mind that comes with good health, the confidence to do what you truly want, or energy throughout your entire day.

I want to tell you that with the right coach and the right plan that’s specifically built around your lifestyle real lasting results are truly possible.

If you are ready to implement the changes necessary to get the results you want and keep them for life.

Here are three ways I can help.

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