December 15

6 Places To Grab a Healthy Lunch in Blackrock


Have you ever wondered how you aren't losing weight even though you are choosing all of the healthy options?

In this blog I am going to show you some tricks to help you eat healthy AND lose weight at the same time and to make it even easier I will show you exactly how you can implement these tricks in 5 popular restaurants so you can grab a healthy lunch in Blackrock. 


Is what I hear a lot of people argue. 

Well heres the good news:

It is not your metabolism, this means your weight loss is in your control!

Check out the science to prove it below.

"There was no significant difference between normal-weight and overweight groups. We conclude that most overweight subjects must consume more energy than lean subjects to maintain their excess weight"

- The American journal of clinical nutrition on a study comparing metabolism in overweight and normal weight individuals.

The truth is weight loss or weight gain all comes down to calories and the fact is you can choose all of the 'healthiest' foods on the menu but still over consume and hinder your weight loss.

So with that in mind remember the following tricks are designed to help you lower your calories, not 'stoke your metabolic fire' 😉

Ok lets get down to business...

As promised here is the easy to implement tips & tricks to enjoying a healthy lunch in Blackrock while staying on track with your weight loss goals.

Be tactical

Leave the dessert for your birthday,

Choose an Americano with a dash of milk over a creamy flappalatte & ask for the sauce on the side so you can use sparingly.

Order something high in protein

This will help in two ways.

1.Protein is the most satiating nutrient and will help you feel fuller therefore consuming less overall calories

2. Protein has the highest termic effect meaning you burn more calories digesting protein than any other nutrient. Again resulting in you consuming less calories.

Carbohydrate:Fat seperation

Split your carbohydrates and fats e.g. do not choose a meal that is high in both carbohydrate and fat. Instead choose either a High-Carb, Low Fat (HCLF) meal or a Low-Carb, High Fat (LCHF) meal. Examples of each can be found below.

Here is how you can apply these tips to popular lunch spots in Blackrock...

Low calorie healthy lunch in Blackrock options:

  •  Eggs Benedict, swap the muffin for spinach. So we have protein + High(er) fat / low carbohydrate

  • Chicken Caesar salad with bacon and soup instead of the wrap or fries. High protein + high fat / low carb

  • The VP burger without the bun + side salad. High protein + high fat / low carb.

Low calorie healthy lunch in Blackrock options:

  • Veggie salad + add some chicken/beef/eggs. High protein + high fat / low carb
  • Basil pesto chicken wrap. High protein + low fat / high carb.
  • BBQ pulled pork, ask for it served in a bowl instead of the tortilla. High protein + high fat / low carb.

Low calorie healthy lunch in Blackrock options:

  • Slow roast shredded pork with soup of the day(leave the bread). High protein + high fat / low carb.
  • Chicken Tagine. High protein + low fat / moderate carb
  • Quinoa salad. replace the cheese with chicken and you have high protein + low fat / moderate carb
  • Ribollita with chorizo sausage. High fibre with moderate to low pro/carb/fat

Low calorie healthy lunch in Blackrock options:

  • Harrys classic cheeseburger without the bun and soup of the day. High protein + high fat / low carb
  • Superfood salad and bun-free burger. High protein + high fat / low carb.

Low calorie health(ier) lunch in Blackrock options:

  • Crispy chicken salad and fruit bag
  • Bun-less burger and side salad, add cheese or an extra burger if needed
  • chicken nuggets and side salad.

Dont worry I am not saying McDonalds is healthy necessarily. What I am saying is you absolutely can lose weight while eating McDonalds and let's be real here nobody wants to be that person who takes out their Tupperware when the gang goes out to lunch.

Our favourite options are 

  • SWEET BEET: Beets, Wakame, Carrot, Red Cabbage, Mango
  • PONZU PARTY: Salmon, Wakame, Edamam, Cucumber, Avocado

Check out the menu here

If you have read this far Im guessing your are somewhat interested in nutrition.

For most people following the above guides consistently will be enough to keep them on track.

Although if you want to learn more about how many calories you need specifically, check out our more detailed blog below.

Discover how many calories you need to lose weight is some bonus tips to help keep cals low...

  • Ask for extra vegetables or salad instead of the carbohydrate option
  • Check the menu before leaving so you know what to expect. If you can’t see an option that alines with your goal – consider choosing a different restaurant
  • Order a jug of water and continually sip throughout the meal to help with feelings of fullness
  • Eat normally throughout the day and keep protein intakes high so that you are not starving when you get to the restaurant, this will help you think more rationally when choosing a meal and less likely to overeat
  • It may also be worth eating a high-protein snack such as a whey protein shake before getting to the restaurant
  • Alternatively, choose an intermittent fasting approach – fast throughout the day (do not have breakfast) meaning you have a greater calorie allowance for your meal in the afternoon
  • Options that are creamed, breaded, sautéed or fried are likely to be higher in calories. Stick to grilled, steamed or baked where possible
  • Eat the amount you would eat at home – just because it’s in front of you, it doesn’t mean you have to eat it.  You're in control
  • Dishes to try and avoid (typically high carbohydrate and high fat) include pizzas, chips, deep fried food, creamy pasta dishes (go tomato-based instead!), creamy Indian dishes if accompanied with rice/naan bread etc.

If there's any restaurant we've missed you think needs to make the list comment below and let us know.