February 16

Top 14 Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts for 2021


Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts where do you start?

I get asked all the time what's the best place to look online for quality content especially for men who are time poor, They mightn't have the time or energy to read books, or scroll through the interwebz searching for quality blogs.

Side Note: If blogs are your thing you'll love this > Top 10 Men’s Fitness Blogs for 2021

So the best recommendation for busy dudes are podcast's.

You can listen while you travel

While you workout

You can listen at 1.5 speed

They are usually easy to consume and conversational

They usually have 3-5 key lessons or takeaways you can apply

Which make them a great option right?

Over the last 5 - 10 years men's health & fitness podcast have exploded.

Podcasting in general has become huge and it's gonna continue to grow according to Magna Forecasts which predict at least 97 million Americans will listen to at least one podcast a week, which is good and bad.

Men's Health & Fitness Podcasts

Source: Podcast Consumer 2019: Forecast by Magna

It's great that there will be more people listening to podcast and more podcast being produced in all niche's especially men's health and fitness podcasts.

But every time a market gets bigger two types of bottom feeders flood in. 

Bottom Feeder: A member of a group of very low social status who survives by any means possible.

Bottom Feeder 1: MLM - Multi Level Marketing 

Basically anyone who prays on peoples fear and insecurities with the goal of extracting as much money from them as possible.

Within the fitness industry these people will usually be trying to sell some pills potions or shakes...

And very often use blogs and podcast to push their agenda {Maximum Cash Extraction} They usually have pseudo experts Doctors or scientist who give their claims credibility, but if you dig a little digger you'll usually find the experts credentials don't stack up, Remember Dr. Gillian McKeith of channel 4's You Are What You Eat... here's her education BA (linguistics, 1981), MA (international relations, 1984) "Doctorate" from non-accredited American college. Yet she was on T.V telling millions of people how to eat for health.

Think anything that starts with the words...

- Rapid 

- Shredz 

- Extreme 

- Scientifically Proven 

Basically things like this...

Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts

Claims above may or may not be true LOL...

Bottom Feeder 2: Bedroom Guru's 

Now anyone with a yeti mic, MacBook Pro and Dr. Dre Beats can produce their own podcast. That might be talking absolute bollix but if they have good sound quality flashy graphics and position themselves correctly how could the average man on the street know these guys haven't a fiddlers about health and fitness.  

Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts

Home Podcasting Set-up

So now we know what to look out for when it comes to armchair experts, here's what I'm looking for when I want to learn from some... I want to know:

1. They are an expert. 

2. They train real people. 

3. They get proven results. 

4. They are open and willing to learn and grow themselves.

5. Have they been on the scene for years, If they have chances are what they are saying is of value.

Now... everyone on the list below fulfils the above criterion in buckets, I have personally learnt from all these men face to face, They've coached me or I've purchased their products.

They are true innovators in the field of Fitness and S&C, Dig in and let me know what you think or if you have a recommendation to add to the list.

Training: Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts

Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts

Mike Robertson's: Physical Preparation Podcast

The Physical Preparation Podcast is designed to help trainers, coaches and athletes take their performance to the next level.

Featuring some of the brightest minds in our industry, we'll dive in to deconstruct smart training, and help you or your athletes maximise results!



Listen below.

Marcus Filly Podcast

Marcus Filly: Look Good Move Well Podcast

The Look Good Move Well podcast, where you can get fresh ideas for your training, nutrition, and lifestyle to immediately put to use. 

If you want to be a sexy 80 year old AND throw your grandkids around like basketballs, listen in with Marcus Filly, the creator of Functional Bodybuilding. We’ll be talking about avoiding burnout, keeping your passion alive for training, and fuelling your body and mind so you can look good, move well now and for years to come.


New episodes released on Friday's listen below.Men's Fitness 

3D Muscle Journey

3D Muscle Journey 

The 5 natural bodybuilding and powerlifting coaches from 3D Muscle Journey come together for conversations dissecting the art and science of muscle and strength.

Be a fly on the wall as this collective of coaches discuss the ins and outs of helping athletes reach their potential on the stage, platform and in their personal lives. 

Recommended listen: #58: How to Build a Training Program

Listen below.

Nutrition: Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts

Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts

Danny Lennon: Sigma Nutrition Radio

Discussions about the science of nutrition, dietetics and health.

The podcast that educates through nuanced conversations, exploring evidence and cultivating critical thinking. 

Recommended listen: #359: Calorie Confusion – (Mis)Understanding Energy Balance

Listen below.

The Dr. Mike Show

Dr. Mike Roussell is a published Author, researcher, speaker. 

I'd highly recommend his book: The MetaShred Diet

Recommended listen: Weight loss, Meditation, and How to have 6 pack abs at 50 with special Guest Bill Hartman.

Listen below.

Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts

Renaissance Periodisation Podcast

Nick and Lori discuss various nutrition and training related topics with both the super accomplished members of RP’s 1:1 coaching team as well as with RP’s amazing athletes, across various sports!

I'd highly recommend their diet app if you are looking to lose weight. https://www.rpdiet.app/home/

Recommended listen: How to Be Successful Part 1

Listen below.

Thinking and Mindset : Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts

Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts

Jocko Willink: JockoPodcast 

Jocko Willink is a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer and author of the book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win 

Recommended listen: 260: Fighting, Fitness, and Binary Decision Making. The Path of Discipline Leads to Actual Freedom

Listen below.

Mark Devine: Unbeatable Mind Podcast

Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and his SEALFIT Coaching team take on guests with subject matters that follow along with Mark’s 5 mountain training path of developing your Mental, Physical, Emotional, Intuitive, and Kokoro (Heart) self.

Recently listed as the #1 Health Podcast

Recommended listen: Bedros Keulian Learning to man up

Listen below.

Ryan Holiday: Daily Stoic Podcast

The Daily stoic podcast is a daily show hosted by #1 New York Times bestselling author Ryan Holiday.

Each weekday the show features the audio version of his popular Daily Stoic email meditations. 

A short 2-3 minute Stoic inspired meditation designed to help you live your best life. 

Recommended listen: Honestly any episode will get you thinking and motivated, 

Listen below.

Men's Health & Hormone optimisation Podcasts 

The Art Of Manliness

The Art of Manliness Podcast is a podcast that aims to help men become better men. Through in-depth interviews with authors and thinkers, host Brett McKay finds insights on how men can better understand their culture, their lives, and themselves, and recapture the ancient and classical ideal of manliness, one of arete and eudaimonia: excellence and flourishing.

Episodes explore how to live a life of both contemplation and action, while having some fun along the way. The show topics cover everything from history and philosophy, to social/professional skills, to parenting, to self-defense and physical training, to pop culture and literature.


Recommended listen: #395: Skin in the Game

Listen below.

Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast 

Free fitness, nutrition, biohacking, fat loss, anti-aging and cutting-edge health advice from BenGreenfieldFitness.com! Tune in to the latest research, interviews with exercise, diet and medical professionals, and an entertaining mash-up of ancestral wisdom and modern science, along with Q&A's and mind-body-spirit optimising content from America's top personal trainer.

Recommended listen: BioGeometry Protection Of Your Home, Plant Medicine, Parenting, Stacking Rocks, Stages Of Human Consciousness & More With Paul Chek.

The Jay Campbell Podcas‪t 

Today’s healthcare system is flawed. Break free from the limitations of “sick-care” and discover what it means to live life FULLY optimised.

A former champion men’s physique competitor and current 4x international best selling author in the optimised health care space, Jay Campbell is a global thought leader on hormones, biohacking and higher consciousness.

On the Jay Campbell Podcast, Jay interviews empowered servant leaders helping to propel humanity towards full spectrum optimisation of the body-mind, heart and soul.

Are you the best version of yourself?

Recommended listen: How Losing His Vision Made Him See Things Clearly w/Victor Mifsu‪d

Listen below.

Two Bonus Podcast because they are too good to leave out.  

Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts


What does exercise do to your brain? Can psychedelics treat depression? From smart daily habits to new medical breakthroughs, welcome to TED Health. TED speakers answer questions you never even knew you had, and share ideas you won't hear anywhere else, all around how we can live healthier lives.

Recommended listen: How to change our behaviour for the better

Listen Below.

The Fit Over 30 Podcast 

Join the Strength Matters team on the Fit Over Thirty Podcast as they share with you the key insights, principles, news and strategies that help people over 30 lose weight, get stronger, and live better.

Recommended listen: How To Train For And Pass SEALFIT Kokoro

Listen below.

Now you know where to look for quality Men’s Health & Fitness Podcast's from some of industries leading experts, But here's the thing... information is useless without implementation and action. What holds most people back is not knowing what to action for them.

Think about it... You've got literally 1000s of Men’s Health & Fitness Podcasts above.

But yet you still have questions right?

You want to lose weight, What's the best diet or approach for you? 

Is it...

- Intermittent Fast?

- Low Carb High Protein?

- Calorie and Carb cycling?

They all work, but they might not all work for YOU

What if, you want to add lean muscle?


- Bill Stars "5 x 5" Right for you?

- Dan John's "Mass Made Simple" right for you?

- Joe DeFranco's "Westside for skinny bastards" right for you?

Without outside eyes it's hard to know.

That's where coaching comes in, if you want to learn more about how we can help you achieve you goals Face 2 Face or Online book a call today and lets see how we can help.