November 27

Feeling stranded


The year was 2008, The sun was setting as I found myself stranded on the side of a mountain in Lillehammer, Norway with no idea how to get down...

It was day one, of ski skool.

It was easy, smooth sailing from the start. 

I didn't need the instructor, so I decided to go it alone.

Which worked really great, until it didn't!

I had suffered from a serious case of "short termism"

An excessive focus on what looks like success today at the expense of what real success is later.

I managed to get down the mountain through a combination of skiing and falling flat on my face as it got darker and darker. 

I’m sure if you have experienced the same when trying to improve your health and fitness.

Like most people you've tried...

- Joining Flyefit... Only to feel lost and end up quitting

- Couch to 5k... Until you remember you hate running

- Diets like Weightwatchers or Keto. Only to lose weight initially and then fall flat on your face, feel stranded and put the weight back on again right?

The reason you fell flat on your face isn't because you weren't motivated enough or because you just didn't want it hard enough as the fitness industry would have you believe.

The real reason is this..

Unsustainable behaviours Unsustainable results.

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Let's take Keto as an example, when trying to lose weight the objective is to consume less calories than you burn.

Now some ‘gurus’ would have you believe that carbs are the devil and with the magic of Keto you will become a fat burning machine.

Keto Diet

Impacts 21 Day Keto Challenge 

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The truth

Carbs aren't the devil

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"Well why did Mary down the road lose 10kg doing Keto?"

I hear you ask...

I’ll tell you why... know all those carbs that Mary cut out of her diet?

You know what else is in them… Calories! 

So Mary lost all that weight by simply lowering her calorie intake. 

Armed with this new found knowledge imagine a situation where you could design a diet around your lifestyle with the help and support of an experienced coach to get the result you want.

Now what you have is...

Sustainable behaviours = Sustainable results.

- No more falling on your face!

- No more feeling confused

- No more stop - starting. 

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