November 27

Scientific Proof – Why 97% Of Diets Won’t Work


What if I told you, that in less than 500 words…

…I could show you everything that’s wrong with the fitness industry, why diets won’t work for more than 90% of the population and, how one simple realisation is all you need to finally make the changes necessary to rebalance a healthy lifestyle while create lasting results

And by results, I mean getting and keeping the body you want. But that’s not all

Because we know; the way we look dictates how we feel. So by making changes to the body we also make changes to our minds. For the better.

Would you be interested?

Awesome, onwards;

So first thing we need to agree on, is that we don’t just want a short term result.

We must agree that we want to lose weight, look and feel great and we want to keep that result for life?

Sound good? Cool. So now we’re on the same page I’m gonna point out the obvious problem.

The entire fitness industry is built around short term or quick “fixes”

And it preys on the mentality of people who think a bit like this;

“I’ve put on weight. Lots of weight. I want to get back in shape and FAST. Then once I’ve lost the weight sure I’m sorted and can go back to “normal”

Sound familiar? Course it does. I’ve thought like this myself at times.

And this is exactly why programmes that sell this kinda “solution” exist

Chances are you’ve probably done something like a challenge, or some other thingy like it, that works like this

Follow this strict diet and exercise routine for 6/8/12 weeks, then you’ll look like this dood.

Then what follows is a period of restriction and cravings along with the associated aches from being “beasted” every session in the gym with your new trainer

And we’ve talked about this in the blog (confessions of a transformation coach) cause hands up we used to be the doods who did this.

Back then we believed we had the “fix” too.

We even tried out the programme and diet we had, ourselves – the results were exceptional.

"We rolled out the programme to the masses, with huge (unrealistic) expectations."

The results after 4 years was that about 2% of applicants actually finished the programme “successfully”

I put that word in commas cause even the doods that got a result, and let me just say the results where incredible no doubt about that. Credit to everyone of them, I don’t say this to take away what they achieved.

But, they all, and I mean every single one, put the weight back on afterwards.

In record time.

And it was heart breaking to see this happen. This is when the realisation hit us

"You cannot use exercise, no matter how much, as a fix for a shitty lifestyle."

Restrictive diets no matter how well you stick to them

are completely useless if your “normal” is what’s actually making you lethargic, fatter and frustrated.  

The reality is that quick fix, fad style training or diets don’t work long term. They are hitting the bullseye at the wrong target.

The reason why is simple; Many of the rules, ideas, and principles you may believe about dieting—that you assume work when dieting—simply aren't true and can very well contribute to weight issues, because they keep the vicious cycle of fat loss and fat gain revolving faster than Lance Armstrong's front wheel.

In a way, we live on the two extremes of a pendulum.

Either we swing all the way in one direction (strict, tedious dieting with a draconian low daily calorie intake), or we swing all the way in the other direction (popping cream-cheese-smothered bagels like they're grapes).

We have to stop swinging so much and start living in the middle of that pendulum by striking a balance and avoiding the periods of extreme "ons" and "offs."

And this is supported by so much scientific literature right now that it’s impossible to ignore.

Behavioural psychologists are calling it the false hope syndrome.

Being set up by unrealistic expectations causes us to fail in the short term only to replace a failed logic with yet another “fix”

And until we realise what’s happening were doomed to repeat the cycle over and over again. 

So how do we release ourselves from the cycle, start afresh and begin to get some lasting results?

I’m glad you didn’t ask

‘cause i’m going to lay out some easy to follow steps that will begin taking your results in the right direction

I’ll wait while you get a pen and paper to write these down cause look if you’re seriously interested in getting results then you have to understand that you will only get a different results than you’re getting now by making some change

Like the saying goes if nothing changes, nothing changes.

"if nothing changes, nothing changes."

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So you’ve got that pen now? OK lets go

First you must Let go of the idea of a magical diet being the fix for your problems and realise that your normal isn’t doing you any good.

You are responsible for your own results and your actions matter.

That’s the biggie. Now with this new mindset proceed with the following tasks;

List of Steps

Step 1

List out 5 things you’re doing right now that are getting you further away from what you want e.g. skipping training, eating fast foods, drinking 5 nights out of 7. These are the reasons you’re not getting results. You do not need a dietician to tell you this stuff. You need someone to help you change these habits to things that will begin to get you results

Step 2

Now think to yourself  which one are you ready, willing and able to change so that you begin to get results. The key here is to only pick something you know you can actually do.

Step 3

Now choose what you are going to do instead. Now choose the day you’re going to do it. See the key here is to pick something you know you can stick to for the long term cause you want to see long term results. So start small. You can stack on success as we go.

Step 4

Get some accountability research shows that with an accountability coach you boost your chances of success by 200% WHY? Because information alone does not cause transformation. Its implementation that causes transformation and that’s why working with someone who can keep you on track and call you out on your Bullshyte is better.

Now the key to success is to review this at the end of each week and ask yourself what’s working and what’s not.

You can literally coach yourself through this and get results by making small incremental changes to your lifestyle that will yield huge results in your body image, confidence, waist line, focus energy and clarity 

And there you have it the simple solution to a lifelong problem

Now the next step is over to you.

Only one thing left to tell you is that I lied

It was impossible to tell you what I needed to tell you in 500 words but the rest I can guarantee is 100% true story 🙂


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